Sunday, May 20, 2012

Argumentative Colleagues and IBM Netezza reducing runtime from 7 hours to 8 seconds....

I had an “interesting discussion” with someone during my IBM Netezza Futures presentation last week at the IDUG (International DB2 User’s Group) conference. At the end of the presentation, one of my IBM colleagues was trying to argue that Netezza’s streaming architecture must not be able to handle multi-table joins because “it does all of its work in the FPGA”.  I tried to explain that he was incorrect, and the way that Netezza does joins so efficiently, but my colleague didn’t seem to listen, and asked the same thing again.

Although some people reading my post might think that I am writing this to try to explain to my IBM colleagues how they should act in customer events, I am not. 

The best part of this discussion was when my colleague asked the same question a second time, one of our customers stood up and said “What Dwaine said about the performance of IBM Netezza is exactly right”. The customer then went on to say how impressed his company is with the proof of concept (PoC) they just completed with the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator. I will explain the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator soon, but what the customer went on to say is that they have queries that were taking 7 hours on their DB2 for z/OS system (and using MIPS all that time) that are now running on the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator in 8 seconds and using basically no MIPS. I could not have paid for a better ending to my session.

The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator is an IBM Netezza 1000 system piggy backing along side a DB2 for z/OS system. The DB2 for z/OS optimizer will offload large, complex queries from the DB2 system onto the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, much like a materialized view or materialize query table, but keep the short transactional queries running on DB2 for z/OS. 

So with absolutely no change to their application, data loading procedures, or any extra tuning, this customer was able to run their analytics over 3,000 times faster. That’s the power of the IBM Netezza appliance and the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator.

And, it would still be nice if my IBM colleagues learned how to act at customer events. 

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