Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oracle Drops Development on Itanium

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Oracle price increase on Itanium servers. Today Oracle announced they will stop development on Itanium processors all together.

If you are running Oracle on Itanium, (whether you are using HP/UX or Linux) you have an option....  Move to DB2, stay on your Itanium based servers, pay less for database licensing, and run faster.

Check out my previous post on saving money by moving to DB2 here.

DB2 9.7 offers out of the box Oracle PL/SQL and SQL*Plus compatibility so that you can simply move your application off of Oracle and onto DB2.  You can read more about this capability here.


Unknown said...

DB2 is a superior database to Oracle, which is a mixture of Corruption-based selling (at least in the Third World) and 'Voodoo Science' (as described by the Late and Great Guido Sohne - ). Do not I think migrate to SQL Server - choose DB2. But dont think I am anti-Oracle - I have only a good experience of the database - I guess Larry is the man behind these strange commercial manoeuvres....

curdy said...

Nothing really strange about it. Itanium is a small and shrinking market. Check the numbers on wikipedia. It makes good business sense to drop support if the profit doesn't justify the the cost. There are more cost effective 64-bit server configurations out there and customers are moving to them.